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The fast, easy way to backup all your Office 365 data

SkyKick Cloud Backup is a market-leading backup solution that helps protect your Office 365 data. Featuring unlimited backup storage, powerful search mechanics and one-click data restore, it’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to get your productivity back on track. If you’re using Office 365 for your email, to store files in the cloud…
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YubiKey – Offering A Straightforward Secure Way To Login Within Seconds

Is your Netcetera login secure enough? With YubiKey you can now strengthen your login with a secure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution. You will no longer have to worry about any unwanted access to your account as you can literally have the key to get in. What Are YubiKeys From Yubico? Yubico’s YubiKeys are small Multi-Factor…
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FREE Firewall Setup Worth £200!

There are all-manner of threats that are involved by being connected to the internet and all of which are unbiased and happy to destroy your data. At Netcetera security is at the forefront of our mission and we spare no expense to ensure the safety of our customer hardware and data, but we also recommend…
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A Winning Partnership with Netcetera

  Are your clients looking to you for help in hosting or co-locating their servers and IT infrastructure to achieve higher availability, greater certainty and better service levels to their business, around the clock? Critical IT infrastructure requires a specialist environment which most small to mid-size companies are unable to provide in house. Which means…
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Netcetera in Top 10 Global Hosting

Netcetera is always proud to announce that we have once again appeared in Netcraft’s global list for the most reliable web hosting companies. 2019 has already been a busy year for us as we continue to build upon our vast portfolio of the latest Hosting, Cloud, Domains, Servers and Colocation solutions, constantly striving to better ourselves and continue to…
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Have You Claimed Your FREE .UK Domain Yet?

  Offer One-year FREE registration on reserved .uk domains between 3rd June and 14th June 2019 What is it? If you already own a domain ending in .UK (e.g. then for a limited period, you may have the rights to your equivalent shorter .uk domain. When .uk was launched in June 2014 the rights were…
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Claim Your £100 Credit To Spend On Any Cloud Or Dedicated Server Now!

As a new customer you could be eligible to receive a huge £100 credit to spend on any Cloud or dedicated Server package of your choosing! £100 + VAT credit is applicable for all Dedicated Servers and Cloud Server packages. Offer applies to new customers only. The offer shall be employed in the form of…
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The Best Performance For Online Gaming

Why You Need A Dedicated Gaming Server The issue with standard servers is game developers build them with the specific job of carrying weight. A successful game and its server could experience hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people logging in at any given time. This can cause huge connectivity outages and worst of…
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Is Your Website Having Issues? Our SiteAdmin Can Help

Need emergency Website or WordPress support to get your website back up and running as it should be? Our SiteAdmin is just what you need. Our team of Website and WordPress support developers are available 24/7 and will quickly diagnose the problem and figure out the best way to get your website back up and running.…
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Improve Your Website Speed By Up To 300% With Speed Kit And Get A Huge 20% Off!

Speed Kit Makes Websites Fast! Speed Kit is a one-click solution to accelerate your website. By rerouting your web traffic through Speed Kit’s caching infrastructure, it achieves a typical performance boost of 50-300%! Why Is Speed So Important? Page load time is money. Amazon found that 100ms of extra load time cost them 1% of…
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