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Coming Up With Ideas For Startups Is Easier Than You Think

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Coming Up With Ideas For Startups Is Easier Than You Think

Thinking up ideas for your Startup is often the first problem people encounter. So here are some different areas to think about and how to navigate them.

Thinking About Startup Ideas

  • What problem do you wish someone solved for you?
  • What are the problems you’re interested in solving?
  • What do you wish was easier to use?
  • With the problems you identify, are there easy ways to find people complaining about them (e.g. Reddit, Twitter, Facebook Groups etc)?
  • Think of a few parameters to evaluate your ideas. So they could be: Can I build it in less than a month, MVP can be built without code, consumer-focused and must be able to grow scaled by paid marketing (e.g. social ads).

Where To Find Ideas:

  • Try starting with a problem and let your mind wander enough for new ideas to form.
  • Look at things that people use now that’s broken.
  • Take a luxury and make it into a commodity.
  • Redefine a problem.
  • Make things easier to use.
  • Pay attention to what you and others are complaining about day to day.

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