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Take Your FREE 60 Second Disaster Recovery Review Today!

Disaster Recovery is an essential part of all businesses. It provides critical protection to your data in case of any disaster that may occur. Therefore DR needs to be implemented correctly to give reliability and security to your business’ future.

Simple, Reliable And Affordable Disaster Recovery

Protect and archive your data in our secure, state-of-the-art facility at an affordable price. Built on award-winning storage networking technology and managed by data protection experts, Netcetera is a reliable and experienced DR supplier.

Disaster Recovery Advantages

Netcetera’s Disaster Recovery solutions enable you to secure your business-critical data, protect server workloads and get back online quickly and with ease. We offer high specification solutions that provide you with the ability to cater for a broad range of customers scaling from 1 server through to an office network with multiple servers requiring rapid failover protection.

Business Continuity

An untold number of businesses are affected by internal, local and regional disasters each year. These can be the result of a range of issues from large-scale catastrophes to localised and internal building issues.

When businesses face evacuations of their offices it’s crucial that all staff have a place to go where meetings can be held and a phone line and internet connection can be set up as quickly as possible.

Netcetera offer an immediate occupancy solution that can provide temporary accommodation while you wait to return to your places of business in any Disaster Recovery situation. 

Business Recovery Centres

BRCs can provide a great, cost-effective alternative to a stand-alone site. They are fully furnished, IT & telecoms equipped and ready to move into at short notice.

The ease of a serviced office licence, which requires minimal legal involvement allows companies to move into a new office more or less immediately, signing up for a flexible contract to tide them over.

Why Choose Netcetera?

Choosing Netcetera for your offsite data protection and archiving has many advantages. We offer immediate deployment, rapid 24/7 data recovery with maximum capabilities as well as flexible pricing that is cost effective. We also provide rapid compliance deployment with minimal implementation costs and seamless scalability of data storage as your business grows.

If you aren’t sure about your current situation or are wanting to know more on how you could be better prepared then take our FREE 60 second DR review.


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