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The Complete Business Continuity Plan – Step 5: Location

The Complete Business Continuity Plan – Step 5: Location

Over the last few weeks we have looked at all the key ingredients needed to put together a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan. In our previous blog we looked at how the new European Data Protection Legislation may affect how you make your plan and choose your Disaster Recovery Partner to work with. In our final blog we will quickly consider location.

Given the recent events in the Carribbean and Southern States of America choosing the right location can make the difference between a catastrophe and survival. Cheap DR doesn’t always equate to value. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity providers in areas prone to natural disasters may be able to offer low cost power and bandwidth for your backup servers but have you thought about what would happen if these were unavailable due to a natural disaster like a hurricane. The devastating effects of hurricane Irma will be felt for many months to come. Power, connectivity to the outside world and the effects on human life, potentially some of your own staff, have all been effected. Cheap power and bandwidth might sound tempting but if it’s unavailable because of a a hurricane or flooding, your DR Solution will not be there when you need it most.

Netcetera has been assisting businesses like yours find robust Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions for over 21 years. Our value for money DR Solutions have been tried and trusted to deliver when you need them most and our location is ideal for your DR Solution to. Take a look at some of the benefits of DR with Netcetera:

  • 24/7 Support when you need it most
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Super fast invocation
  • Value for money colocation for your IT equipment
  • World leading connectivity
  • Vast choice of solutions to suit all budgets
  • Location – secure, safe and trusted by some of the world’s largest businesses
  • Onsite modern business continuity suite with a choice of dedicated and shared workstations along with hotdesk solutions
  • Security and reliability – Netcetera operates N+1 across our business covering our connectivity, power and cooling. This means we have primary and backup to all our essential systems including our generators that run the datacentre in the event of a long term power cut

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions from Netcetera are designed to deliver a comprehensive all round solution, built around your own specific business requirements. Our team of experts are on hand now to help you build your planB. Start protecting your business today. Your planB is only a click away.

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