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It’s Never Too Late To Make Your planB

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It’s Never Too Late To Make Your planB

Have you ever wished you had a planB? Imagine if you couldn’t continue to run your business efficiently due to an unplanned event? Many people still say, “It will never happen,” but in reality it happens on a regular basis with several well documented emergency situations occurring within the UK on a daily basis. Gas leaks, terrorist attacks, fires, floods and utility outages can all affect the operation of your business. Some may only cause disruption for a matter of hours, some can go on for days. Major cities across the world, including many in the UK have recently suffered huge catastrophic events that have resulted in the horrific loss of life and for businesses within the vicinities to be forced to relocate. Despite the regular occurrence of such events many businesses still do not have a Disaster Plan in place.

Recent incidents have shown how important it is to have a planB in place. The cost of downtime is huge and with many businesses operating on a global basis even the smallest amount of downtime can be catastrophic. The recent issue affecting British Airways has reportedly cost the company in the region of 80 million pounds, perhaps not enough to close the business down but more than enough to effect the share price and just as importantly the reputation of the company with its clients. It’s no longer a matter of, if, rather than when will an event take place, that could risk the functionality of your business? Here at Netcetera we specialise in providing enterprise class disaster recovery and business continuity solutions for businesses big and small. We cannot guarantee that your business will never be a victim of an unplanned event, but we can guarantee to minimise any risk to your business allowing you to continue to operate without disruption.

From within our modern zero carbon datacentre we can ensure that an emergency doesn’t have to become a disaster. Our IT Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions are second to none. With several options available built around your own requirements. We offer some of the most aggressive robust solutions on the market. From Managed Backups and Recovery with Netcetera360 for cloud and dedicated servers to daily backups and cloud storage options and our modern onsite business recovery centre, planB, we have your business covered to survive any incident.

So if recent incidents have made you think about what you have in place, there’s never been a better time to get in touch to see how we can protect your business from disaster with planB or one of our many other leading IT recovery solutions. Simply click on the below button to start your planB today.

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