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Q1 Cloud Computing – What is Cloud Computing?

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Q1 Cloud Computing – What is Cloud Computing?

This is the most important question and of course as such comes first. So, what exactly is it?

The answer is in fact quite simple. The ‘cloud’ is actually the internet and the name comes from its representation in diagrams and visual graphic representations where it is represented as a cloud.

Whether you realise it or not, you’re probably already using cloud-based services. Pretty much everyone with a computer has been. Gmail and Google Docs  are two prime examples; we just don’t think of those services in those terms.

Imagine your PC and all of your mobile devices being in sync all the time. Imagine being able to access all of your personal data at any given moment. Imagine having the ability to organise and mine data from any online source. Imagine being able to share that data—photos, movies, contacts, e-mail, documents, etc.—with your friends, family, and co-workers in an instant.

In essence, personal cloud computing means having every piece of data you need for every aspect of your life, at your fingertips and ready for use. Data must be mobile, transferable, and instantly accessible

Cloud computing is not a tangible product, it’s not something that arrives in the post, it’s not something you can touch. Cloud computing is a subscription service whereby you access the services of a cloud storage provider over the internet. Rather than install a piece of software on to your PC or Mac, you access the software through a client user interface. The software itself is hosted on the vendors servers instead of your own.

Cloud computing is almost instantaneous. Unlike software which has to be customised to your needs, purchased, delivered, installed and users trained; cloud computing can be accessed the same day of purchase, the user interface downloaded and the backup completed.

There is no doubt that cloud computing is a simpler, more cost effective and a far better means of storage than software options. They say cloud computing is the future, when compared to software, you can see why.

Via the Managed Windows Cloud Server, Netcetera offers all the ease and simplicity of Shared Hosting, but with the scalability and resilience of the Cloud. For only £40.98/pm including the Essential Management Pack, FREE site migration, FREE Setup and a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee, this provides you with an agile infrastructure which allows you to focus on your core business.

Netcetera offer Cloud Solutions from as little as £14.99/pm for Windows and £14.00/pm for Linux.

See the difference that the Cloud can make to your business.

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